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Welcome to ‘Our Children/Ourselves’

Some would say we are blessed with an extraordinary ability to monitor ourselves with an eye towards self improvement. Some would say we are cursed with an ability to monitor ourselves. Nonetheless, we appear to be well able to reflect upon our actions and better drive our future actions… or are we?

Our Children/Ourselves is designed to help us understand ourselves and our children. Many variables come in to play from moment to moment, seemingly ‘driving’ our actions. We think we have free will and then we read ‘it’s all in the genes’. It is not all in the genes but much is very, very likely to occur.

Cutting edge neuroscience and developments in quantum theory permit new understandings!

Patterns arise as a result of past actions; we do or do not ‘typically’ respond to new sounds detected in the environment, we do or do not ‘typically’ make eye contact with passers-by in the street. Our personalities become recognizable as patterns drive our actions. Friends and family note ‘typical’ actions. Friends and family note; “he’s a comedian”, or “she’s shy”. They note; he or she ‘doesn’t seem to be him or herself on a given day’.

We ourselves create the patterns that give rise to ‘typical actions’

We possess ‘psychic agency’. No matter what has ever happened to us, no matter what we have suffered, our ‘psychic agency’ has driven our adaptation to the moment; selecting or not selecting what we attend to, moving us towards or away from stimulii in the environment, enabling us to draw conclusions about our world. We were putting two and two together at the ripe old age of 5, at 6, and at 7 and 8. We are hard wired to continuously construct a world view and our marvelous brains tap that reservoir of information to enable us to negotiate moments.

Posts to the Our Children/Ourselves will assist you with a better understanding of yourself and your loved ones. Our patterns predispose us to;

  1. Literally act in the manner we act,
  2. Put particular ‘spins’ on our experience,
  3. Find some folks more compatible than others,
  4. Find some jobs more rewarding than others, etc.

We can glimpse our patterns in action. We can call into question the usefulness of particular patterns.

We can use ‘free won’t’ to overide predispositions and lay the foundation for change.

Posts herein are intended to provide food for thought. Posts cannot be construed as any form of ‘clinical’ care. Visitors are encouraged to seek professional help in the event of mental and/or emotional distress.