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Welcome to ‘Clinical’ Tips for Professionals

‘Clinical’ Tips postings are designed to share specific strategies that have proven effective in clinical practice. Some posts include tools that provide:

  1. Immediate short term relief from suffering,
  2. Permit independent resolution of problems immediately at hand.
  3. Assist with building a foundation for long term exploration of patterns deeply imbedded in the very foundation of personality. Posts that lay the foundation for longer term work assume that limited means will require participation in a ‘therapeutic’ process intermittently as resources permit.

The effectiveness of the strategies and tools is anchored in the science discussed in my book, Where Psychology Meets Physics.

The applicability of any particular strategy to any particular individual is entirely within the purview of the professional directly involved in care. Posts herein are general in nature and designed to provide food for thought for practioners. Posts herein cannot be said to represent ‘treatment’ or supervision services.