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Infrequently Asked Questions

Is the architecture linking bits and bundles of information real?
A better question is, is it stable? It’s a matter of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’. Information may be linked to serve the moment. However, thoughts, feelings, etc. once they occur are imbedded as part of the recorded history of the system. Repeated instances of emergence of linked material is what gives rise to a greater likelihood the same information will be bundled in the future.  

Do we have a ‘self’ 
We are ‘selfing’. We are a process. We tend to repeat actions that well serve us, patterns evolve and then, patterns constrain us. They predispose us to particular adaptive styles that have well served us in the past. As time goes by, our patterns powerfully constrain us. We may well find that patterns that evolved in one context ill serve us in another context.

The good news is that, our adaptive styles are not imbedded in the brain to define us. They are imbedded as a result of repeated use. It is possible to reduce the probability that particular adaptive styles will continue to emerge. It is possible to increase the likelihood that new, preferred elements of an adaptive style will emerge. The good news is that there is no self, only selfing and we can affect how we ‘self’.