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About Diane

Welcome to my blog,
Diane Kern, Personal and Professional Coach
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Happily, at this point in my life we have the internet. Visiting my loved ones these days requires a bit of travel. Given that, I love being able to maintain my personal and professional relationships so easily. Hmmn. Personal and professional relationships…how useful is that distinction? Not very.

Personal? Professional? I am very happy to step out of the container my past ‘clinical’ practice represents. I am happy to be offering ‘coaching’ services. ‘Coaching’. Hmmn. That concept too has it’s limits. Oh well, my goal these days is to make myself as useful as possible to folks however I can.

And now…liberated as I am, you want my two cents regarding all manner of subjects? You’ve got it.

You want a bit of biographical info? You’ve got it.

I grew up in Oakland, California and ‘stepped onto the stage of life’ as a young white woman in the 1960′s. That alone says a lot. I treated my formal education rather like a potluck meal enjoying every opportunity to study a wide range of subjects.

I studied psychoanalytic theory and practice, I administered batteries of psych tests and I completed an internship under the supervision of well known psychoanalyst, Bernard Diamond. Then I had the good fortune to travel to India for cross-cultural studies.

So much for my ‘formal education’. What I am most grateful for is my informal education.

My children have taught me a lot and I am an inveterate reader. Early on I found work in related fields critical to a any understanding of how we come to be who and what we are.

I found Yogi Philosophy thought provoking. I have tracked the work of Karl Pribram, a far-sighted neuroscientist; his work has led me to ‘quantum physics’. Do I really ‘get’ ‘quantum physics’? No, but the good news is my physicist friends tell me, “nobody does, just jump in and do your best”, so here I am.

In the course of my work, I have had the privilege of helping many folks who were inclined to sort themselves out. I have learned a great deal being part of their process of exploration and for that, I am grateful. My part in the process has been to stand beside them as they, with no small amount of courage, ask themselves hard questions.

I am grateful to more folks than I can count for more things than I can even know.